In the current climate, it can be difficult for property developers to organise safe viewings for potential buyers and renters.


Sell It Differently offers a range of solutions to empower you with the tools you need for potential buyers and renters to view every aspect of your new development from the comfort of their home.

These Virtual Viewings solutions ensure your marketing is as accessible as possible on a wide range of desktop and mobile platforms. Virtual Viewings can also help developers open their sales up to remote and overseas clients.

Property Website

Your website is the first port of call for potential buyers, so your website design needs to present your property in an effective and appealing way. All of our websites are mobile responsive, working seamlessly across multiple devices and screen sizes.


Digital Brochures

We can provide you with a bespoke digital brochure that highlights the key features and specification for your development. These brochures work well on mobile, tablet and desktop.


Sell It Differently's highly skilled Photographers can capture every aspect of your property to show it off in it's best light. All images taken are suitable for online and offline marketing.

Quick Video Tour

Quick Video Tours offer an affordable and high quality solution to remote viewings. These video tours allow potential buyers and renters a quick and accessible way to view a property.

Full Promo Video

Our full Promo Video allows you to showcase your property, highlighting key details and unique selling points. Full Video Productions can include drone footage, graphical overlays and where applicable, the addition of acting talent to fill out any shots.

CGI Images

For properties that are not yet developed, we can create high quality internal and external CGI images.


Using either CGI images or photographs, we can create Virtual Tours viewable on desktop, mobile and virtual reality headsets.


Interactive House Locator™

Our Interactive House Locator™ application is ideal for showing potential buyers your development, they can choose the house of their choice from the interactive map where they will find all the details pertaining to that plot, from floor plans, specification, additional images and other supporting content.

We have a track record of helping developers sell from plan and our Interactive House Locator™ is the ideal marketing tool to help you generate interest in your development before it is build.


Click on the link below to see one of our live Locators!

Virtual Development Meetings

Public meetings are necessary for developers building more than 50 dwellings; this means typically hiring a local community centre or hotel, getting plans printed and professionals along to the meetings. In the current climate being able to host these meetings remotely offers a significant advantage not to mention the added benefit of greater accessibility.


We have created a platform that allows you to hold these meetings online, displaying plans, all development information and a chat room where interested parties can ask questions and receive answers. The website will have a development specific domain and will be open for a set amount of time to accommodate the meetings and be closed afterwards. This is a convenient and cost-effective solution for holding public meetings for your development.



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