Video Production

Video Production

Sell It Differently offers a range of video production services to meet every property marketing requirement. Our highly creative digital team know how to produce what you need for any property development.


Video Production for Digital Marketing

Sell It Differently is a full-service digital agency, so we can develop a digital marketing and content strategy suited to your business goals. We’ll produce the right videos in the right formats to connect with your audience on the platforms best suited to your campaign. Different formats of video content can be used in the following types of digital advertising;

• In-feed Video Ads on Facebook and LinkedIn
• Sponsored Video Stories on Facebook and Instagram
• Pre-Roll and In-Stream Ads on YouTube
• Google & Facebook Mobile Ads

Video is one of the most viewed mediums online, and there are a number of ways that your development can leverage this as part of your digital marketing strategy. Video content for advertising and marketing online can be very different from traditional TV advertising; a commercial for broadcast television may be completely unsuitable for your social media campaign!

Aerial & Drone Videography

Need a film of your property from above? Want to show the scale of your development? Get in touch with our team for information on our aerial and drone videography services.

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