3D & VR

What is 3D Virtualisation?

3D virtualisation is the process of digitally generating, recreating, or reconstructing a physical object or space to create virtual environments that users or customers can explore on PC, tablet or mobile. These environments can also be created to be used as VR experiences.


Will 3D Visualisation be suited to my property development?

Sell It Differently works with a number of clients, using 3D visualisation techniques and the latest digital design software to generate digital architectural models. Our clients use these models as a way for their customers to interact with and immerse themselves in their products. 3D visualisation and architectural visualisation is especially useful for real estate and property sales, commercial property leasing, and property development allowing your audience to get a feel for space before they make a viewing or sales appointment.


Our team of digital technicians can scan and recreate buildings and open spaces, and use this data to develop 3D environments that accurately reflect the ‘real thing’.


3D Visualisation for Marketing and Advertising

Creating a digital 3D model not only offers your audience the opportunity to experience your product online, but it also gives your marketing team complete control of your campaign design. It allows your product to be put into scenes that would otherwise be costly or practically impossible to film with the real thing, using 3D rendering software to display your 3D model and generate an exciting and engaging digital environment.

Sell It Differently use the latest 3D design software to deliver bold imagery and stunning scenes for your marketing campaign materials. We can create an environment for your customers to visualise your products and services in action.

Another huge advantage of 3D visualisation processes is that they can be repurposed at any time for other projects and edited to update the look without the cost of creating a completely new model.

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